Saturday 8 June 2013

Hot Topic: Crummy Ways Schools Cut Costs

Everyone's talking about budget cuts and it seems that most schools are doing something to lower their costs. However, they seem to be going about it a bit wrong. Rather than lower the salaries of the fat cats in the head office here are something's that schools have down in order to try to lower their budgets.
  • Give teachers a trial period and pay them less or get rid of them when the trial period is over.
  • 11 month firings: famous in Korea where a hagwon gets rid of you in the 11th month to avoid paying severance and flights.
  • Breaking copyright laws and copying books
  • Not giving teachers a computer
  • Cutting overtime hours and pay
  • Outsourcing classes
  • Not cleaning your office or classroom
  • Not turning on lights in the hallways
  • Not giving teachers a lunch hour
  • Not turning on heat (I've taught in classes that were 12 degrees Celsius which is about 53 degree Fahrenheit where my students and I were wearing our coats, gloves, and scarves and wrapping blankets around our legs. I'd love to see the admin not have heat in their offices.)


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