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Monday, 1 September 2014

$100 discount on the University of Toronto's online course until September 30th!

Save $100 on the University of Toronto TEFL Online Offer ends midnight September 30th, 2014!

The University of Toronto has 100, 120, and 150 hour TEFL certification course. Save $100 during the September back-to-school special.

More and more employers and countries are requiring TEFL certs, so if you don't have one you should seriously consider getting one. Even though the University of Toronto does offer a 100-hour course, many employers are asking for TEFL certs with at least 120 hours, so consider taking the 120 or 150 hour one.

Earning your TEFL certificate online from the University of Toronto gives you the best quality TEFL training, combined with job placement from a global leader in international teacher recruitment. Travel the world while teaching English overseas as a TEFL-certified teacher.

Advantages of the University of Toronto’s TEFL Online 
ESL teachers who enroll in the University of Toronto’s online course have four distinct advantages:

  1. The best quality training – The University of Toronto ranks in the top 20 universities worldwide. Graduates of the course receive a certificate with the official seal of the University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), ensuring that the certificate is recognized internationally. 
  2. Worldwide accessibility – The University of Toronto’s TEFL course is 100% online and entirely self-paced. Access the course anywhere, at any time, from any internet-enabled device. 
  3. Opportunities for elective specialization – The 120-hour and 150-hour TEFL certificates give teachers the chance to choose elective units tailored to their professional interests. By specializing in areas of TEFL, graduates stand out in their fields. Areas of specialization include Teaching English to Arabic Speakers, Teaching Business English, Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching English to Korean Speakers, and many others. 
  4. Job placement assistance – TEFL Online is partnered with Teach Away Inc., the world’s leading international teacher recruitment company. TEFL Online graduates receive free job placement consultation from Teach Away, giving them the best chance of landing a competitive teaching job overseas. 

TEFL Course Options 
ESL teachers have three options: the 100-hour, 120-hour, or 150-hour course.

100-hour course
  • Six core course units

120-hour course
  • Six core course units
  • 2 elective specialization units

150-hour course
  • Eight core course units
  • 2 elective specialization units
  • Additional unit on teaching abroad

About Teach Away 
Teach Away is the leading international teacher placement company. Every year, Teach Away’s international offices work with thousands of teachers to help them find teaching jobs in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Teach Away’s placement coordinators match educators with international teaching jobs and conduct pre-departure training to ensure that teachers are prepared to live abroad.

Every graduate of the University of Toronto’s TEFL course receives free job placement consultation with a Teach Away placement coordinator after completion of the course.

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Best TEFL Jobs in Chile

Here's the information for Chile for The Best TEFL Jobs in the World. You might also want to look at The Best TEFL Jobs With Worldwide Employers.  

If you know of any other good ones, please let me know by emailing me at
  1. English Open Doors: This is a volunteer position. however, they have consistently gotten good reviews by teachers who have worked there. It's also for a good cause. 
  2. Universidad de Talca: They need teachers in the Department of Foreign Languages. In the past they have needed teachers who specialise in Blended Learning, and Assessment. You need to have at least an MA and 6 years teaching experience, preferably at the tertiary level. They advertise on The pay is 14,400,000-19,200,000 pesos a year plus benefits. Employer will assist with relocation costs. 

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Best TEFL Jobs in Ukraine

Here's the information for Ukraine for The Best TEFL Jobs in the World. You might also want to look at Europe for non-EU passport holders and The Best TEFL Jobs With Worldwide Employers

If you know of any other good ones, please let me know by emailing me at
  1. British Council Ukraine :Located in Kiev.
  2. Grade Education Center: Located in Kiev.
  3. International House Kyiv :Located in Kiev.
  4. LSE (London School of English): Located in Kiev.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

What Employers Are Looking For

First Impressions
The obvious place to start is with your CV. It should get the employers attention fast, ie. about 10 seconds, so make sure it's impressive. Try reading teaching CVs to find out more.

Perhaps more important, but often overlooked, is your cover letter. Personalise it, get the name of the person you're writing too and tailor it to each job. Don't press send too fast - you'll end up sending it Mr Smith when you're applying to Mr White's job advert. Find out more about cover letters by reading teaching cover letters.

Secondly, when applying via email, try putting this in the subject line: Your name, highest degree held, and years of experience. It will make it stand out more. 

Show Me The Money!
So if you've got a professional CV and cover letter, the next step is to know what you're worth. Forget about the whole cost of living thing. Don't buy what some employers are telling you about how you'll make two, three, or five times as much as the locals.

That's completely irrelevant since you're not going to live like a local. You probably won't speak the language, and even if you do, you won't have a network of friends and family like the locals do. Nor do most locals want to fly halfway around the world to visit family.

Higher salaries often mean more serious teachers, so if you try to negotiate the employer will
A) know you're not desperate (even if you are)
B) know that you know what you're worth
C) know that you've spent time and money getting the qualifications and experience necessary.

Jump Through Hoops
I honestly think that one reason why employers create application forms is to cut down on the number of applicants. It's super easy to shoot off an email, but it takes time and effort to fill in an application form, even if you are copying and pasting from your CV. Employers want someone who will go the extra mile for a good job. FYI: jobs that have you fill out application forms are usually pretty good.

Dress To Impress
If you have an interview, dress well and smile. Employers will decide if they want to hire you or not before you even open your mouth. You have about 10 seconds, yep count 'em, to impress them.

Have Good References and Originals
It goes without saying that you should ask your references' permission before you give their email and phone number out. You should also pick good references. Directors or head teachers are good. Make sure they'll say good things about you as well.

Having your original degrees, certs, and transcript on hand is an absolute necessary with all the fake junk out there. If you don't want to bring your originals, make sure to get copies authenticated or apostillised.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hindrances to Getting Hired as a Teacher Overseas

The economy has a lot to do with things. If there are no jobs at home, more people will be looking at going overseas. Don't think there's going to be a huge flood of teachers though. While numbers do increase when the economy goes belly-up, many people don't want to deal with moving and uprooting their families. You can read more at Laid-Off Public School Teachers May Flood the Fairs.

Keep in mind that some schools, such as international schools prefer single teachers or teaching couples with few or no dependents. If you are married to a non-teacher it may be harder to find a job. If you are married to a non-teacher and have dependent children it will be harder. There's a list of the best international school job fairs for people with kids and bringing dependents with you.

Age can be an issue as well. The cut off age seems to range between 55-65 depending on the school and the country that it's in. You might be too young as well. Malaysia, for example, won't issue teaching visas to those under the age of 26.

Not enough experience. Some schools prefer you to have at least 2 years teaching experience. Others may be willing to waive this requirement. 

Nationality can be a problem too. While many teachers want to teach in Europe, some schools don't want to jump through the hoops of getting work visas for those without EU passports or those who can already teach there (for example, spouses of EU citizens). Read Europe for non-EU passport holders for more info.

If you want to teach at an international school check out what esl4everever says on this post, "From what I understand American schools do not require you to have any type of dual or EU citizenship. American schools are backed by the United States Department of State. The schools are supposed to be ran by US standards to a point although they are located in another country." Whether this is true or not I'm not sure. It's best to check with each individual school. I know that DODEA schools only hire Americans or those with permission to work in the US, so that might be an option.

Not being certified may be an issue, though there are ways around it. Here's some info on how working as a PNET (Primary Native English Teacher) in Hong Kong could help land you an international school job.

Not being a native speaker. Some schools are very strict on this policy and will only hire native English speakers.

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