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Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Best TEFL Jobs in Qatar

Here's the information for Qatar for The Best TEFL Jobs in the World. You might also want to look at The Best TEFL Jobs With Worldwide Employers.  

Check out Ivy League and top universities as many of them are opening campuses in Qatar. You might also want to look at The Best TEFL Jobs With Worldwide Employers.  

If you know of any other good ones, please let me know by emailing me at
  1. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
  2. College of the North Atlantic (CNAQ): They only hire Canadians as EFL instructors, but they will hire people from other countries to teach technical subjects. In addition to advertising on their website, they also advertise on career beacon. Used to be good, but budget cuts have changed a lot of things. Hopefully they'll get back on track. Check Dave's for more info.
  3. Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar
  4. Houston Community College in Qatar
  5. Northwestern University in Qatar 
  6. Qatar Aeronautical College
  7. Qatar Petroleum 
  8. Qatar University
  9. Texas A and M at Qatar
  10. Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Alternative Licensure and Getting a Teaching License Online

Here are some ways to get your teaching license online or through an alternative programme. Find out more by reading teaching at an international school.

Teaching Licenses and Awards Via Distance Education
All the places are in the U.S. unless otherwise noted. Some of them require you to complete student teaching on their campus while others let you do it at an international school overseas.
Licensure for American Citizens and Residents
This section is for Americans and those living in the US. Alternative Certification Programmes are becoming popular as are teaching fellowship programmes.  Be aware that often these positions are in high-needs schools, where up to half of the students dropout or in special needs schools.You can check salaries at Teacher Portal.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Poll Results October 2014: Have you ever quit a teaching job?

October's poll was "Have you ever quit a teaching job?" Here are the results.
  • Yes: 100% with 7 votes
  • No: 0% with 0 votes
It's a shame that so many people have had to quit teaching jobs. Schools should really look into investing in their teachers and making their jobs good jobs.

Be sure to vote in this month's poll: Have you ever been fired from a teaching job?

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Monday, 10 November 2014

The Best TEFL Jobs in Kuwait

Here's the information for Kuwait for The Best TEFL Jobs in the World. You might also want to look at The Best TEFL Jobs With Worldwide Employers.  

If you know of any other good ones, please let me know by emailing me at

  1. GUST (Gulf University for Science and Technology)
  2. UAC (United Arab Institute for Private Training)
  3. TQLS (TQ Logistic Services): They advertise on

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Are You Teaching English Illegally?

Most people assume that just because they've got a visa they're teaching illegally. Actually, that's not true. There are many ways that people could be teaching illegally and not know it. Here are just a few of them.
  • Spousal / partner visa. If you're married to / in a relationship with a national, you'll probably get granted a visa. Some countries allow you to work on this visa, others require you to get permission to do so. Check beforehand.
  • Dependent visa. If you're married to / in a relationship with someone with a visa, you may be able to work. Such is the case with Japan. Its neighbour, Korea, has different rules though. It's illegal to work or even study on a dependent visa.
  • Working for someone else. If you have a visa with ABC school and decide to do part-time work at XYZ school, you're probably breaking visa rules.
  • Working on a business visa. Business visas are usually for those who do short-term (i.e., less than 6 months business in that country). If you're there longer, you're working illegally.
  • Teaching private lessons. Korea's famous for this. Teaching private lessons is a big no-no. That's not to say that it's not common for teachers to do this. Don't get caught though or you'll get slapped with a heavy fine or even deported.
  • Teaching on a tourist visa. In many countries in Latin America or Southeast Asia, teachers may teach on a tourist visa. Be aware that in any country earning money on a tourist visa is illegal, even if you do it for a short time. Often these teachers only stay for a short time, or the visa laws are lax so they can border hop and just come back in a day or two later. Nonetheless, it's still illegal.
  • Getting a work visa illegally. Some countries have requirements for teaching experience, such as China. In some provinces you're required to have two years teaching experience in order to get a visa. China being China, it seems to be who you know and who owes who what favour that can get you out of this requirement. It's not unheard of for bosses to fudge teachers' CVs or for the immigration officers to grant your boss a favour if you don't have the required experience.

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