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Teaching English Online

Updated 27 October 2016

Teaching English Online

Current online teaching jobs can be found at ESL jobs world. There's a great list of companies as well as information about them on Good Air Language. I highly suggest you check out there list. You can also find a list of online teaching employers below. Having fast internet is a must. The 4 countries with the fastest internet are Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Romania. You could also cut out the middle man and venture out on your own. Finding your own students and working for yourself has lots of benefits. Oxford TEFL also offers a course to teach you how to teach online.

You might also want learn a bit of the local language since it can really help if you have to explain vocabulary or grammar to students. Besides teaching English online, there are other things that you can do online to earn some extra money. Read make money online for more info. Below you can find an extensive list of companies that employ people to teach English online. I've also put together a list of the best paying companies to work for if you want to teach English online.  

Popular Employers

Teaching Subject Courses Online
Special thanks go to rotemmay at Dave's ESL Cafe. Much of the opportunity that is out there is entry-level courses - mostly English Composition and such. Some good places to start out with are Axia College (the community college component to the famous University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Strayer University Online, and AIU Online (American Intercontinental University).

Finding a Job: The best way to get a job teaching online is is to check out the university's website. Some people have also put together a database of online schools. Other good resources are Adjunt World, Online Teaching Jobs, and Online Adjuncts.

Your Responsibilities:For the most part you'll be given course materials, lessons, and assignments ready for you. You will have to manage the classroom, participate in discussions, grade and give feedback.

The Students: Your students will probably be adults who have been out of school for many years. The students tend to try their best and have high expectations, but they may be unrealistic. Some students may feel that since they are paying for a course, they deserve to pass and get a good grade. Another issue is that because it's online it's more anonymous so students may be less respectful.

Money: There are degree mills out there. Due to this, many universities have seen a huge drop in student enrollment. Most universities don't guarantee course load steadiness. This means that you may teach two classes one semestre and then not have any classes until next year.It's best to use online teaching as additional source of income rather than your main source of income. Many online instructors work for several schools. There are no benefits offered and the pay may range from $1300 to $1650 a course.

3. Where to live
Here are some countries where it's easy to get a visa for. You might also be interested in retirement visa since many of them don't have age limits.
  • Cambodia (easily renewable business visas)
  • China (some tourist agents can get business visas for up to 1 year)
  • EU (If you're from the EU, you can live just about anywhere in the EU)
  • India (6 month tourist visas)
  • Indonesia (6 month tourist visas)
  • Mexico (6 month tourist visas)
  • Latin America (border hop or pay cheap fines for overstaying your visa)
  • the Philippines (you can extend a tourist visa for up to 2 years)
  • Thailand (extend your tourist visa or border hop)
  • Vietnam (easily renewable tourist visas)



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