Sunday 6 January 2008

How to Network Your Way to a Great Job

Updated 30 June 2014

Connections are gold! If you're looking for a job, tell everyone you know. You never know who'll tell you about a job. It could be your sister's boyfriend's mom's cousin. One thing you could do is make a list of everyone you know and contact them. You can see some sample emails below. Another thing to do is to make a list of 25 target employers and ask everyone you know if they know anyone who works for them.

If you’re looking to teach in other city or country it can be hard to make connections. However, the internet has made things a lot easier. You need to develop your PLN (Personal Learning Network) and start networking online.

When networking online you still need to remember your manners. Be polite and thank people for helping you out. When writing online don't forget your grammar, spelling, and puctuation as well. Don't forget that what goes around comes around. The next time someone’s looking for a job try to help them out.

  • Here are some sample networking emails you might be interested in. 
  • Dave's ESL Cafe is a good place to start.
  • LinkedIn is a site specifically for networking
  • Twitter is another option.
  • Blogging allows you to comment on other people's blogs and they can comment on yours.
  • Basic questions about countries and cities can be answered on Q and A sites like Yahoo Answers.
  • Country specific forums (such as for Korea).
  • Country specific websites (for example, for China).
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