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Updated 31 December 2014
Your Perfect Job
Everyone has an ideal job and there are lots of ways to get your dream job. Although it can be difficult, be careful not to get caught up in the grass is always greener mentality: there is no utopia. Here are somethings that make a TEFL job good. Many people think that the best jobs are when they're a big fish in a small pond. One of the easiest ways to advance your career to is attend conferences, get published (here's a list of journals), and do some networking. If you want to further your education, you can do so by getting a diploma, teaching license, masters or PhD.

Schools need to help motivate teachers and stop micromanaging them as well. They should try to set up peer observations and offer professional development.

If you’re a licensed teacher, be sure to look at the possibility of teaching at international schools. Although there are a number of perks to having a teaching license, you don't necessarily need a teaching license, even though some people think that you should have one to teach at an international school or IBO school. If you'd like to get one there are a number of alternative and online programmes out there.

There are plenty of job sites at the job search links. If need help finding material to plan your lesson, take a look at lesson planning links.

Career Options
You can make TEFLing your career by being a DOS, examiner, teaching international exams, teaching Business English, or being a workshop trainer. Experienced teachers might also be interested in doing fellowships and teaching exchanges. Some people really enjoy teaching content courses, such as presentation and 10 errors to avoid when presenting. Makes sure that you have a teaching portfolio as it will help you find jobs with high salaries. Though teaching is great, some people become jaded and decide to move on. If that’s what you’d like to do, be sure to read transitioning out of TEFL. You may decide to go into the business world. If that's the case check out how TEFL can intertwine with an MBA.

More and more people are pursuing degrees online such as bachelor's and master degrees. Find out 3 benefits to doing a graduate degree online. The US Department of Education recently published a report on how online students perform better.


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