Thursday 4 April 2013

The Perks Of Having A Teaching Certificate

The following is a guest post.

A good education is imperative to a student's growth and to the success of their future. Teachers bring this constant to their lives and may even change those lives along the way. Obtaining a teacher certificate can change your life as well. The National Center for Education Statistics states there are over 3 million teachers educating in public schools. Each of these teachers makes a difference in the life of their students by educating them on subjects they will use throughout their life. As the population grows, the need for educated teachers grow along with it.

Job Security 
Teaching is not only a great opportunity to reach students and help in their future, but is also good for your own professional life. Teaching provides job security unlike many other professions in the world today. In the past, as the economy has gone up and down, many professionals have seen their professional lives ripped away in an instant. Campus Explorer included teaching as the number one job on a list of ten careers with the best job security. No matter the location you live, there are schools across the globe. Whether public or private, schools need teachers no matter how small the community. Even in times of economic strain, the world of education and the needs for students to learn does not change. Choosing a specialized field furthers your job security. Teachers in the fields of math, science and bilingual studies have shown to have a higher chance of employment. As time passes and you grow accustomed to your class lesson plans, your job will be about following the progress of your students. You can feel secure knowing and seeing their progress in the education system.

Teaching from a Variety of Backgrounds 
The great thing about a teacher certificate is that you might have graduated with a degree in another field, but can still obtain a teaching certification. There are many programs to aid in finances and guide you through the process.

Not only will you have job security, but many teachers enjoy the additional days of vacation they are awarded each year and can also take their degrees abroad and teach in other countries. Most school systems realize all major holidays and have a break in the winter and spring seasons. Most schools also allow time off during the summer months as students progress to the next grade. Some schools do go year-round with month long breaks. School days in different regions and states differ, but most teachers are home earlier than other professions allow.

Getting a teacher certificate means educating the future of tomorrow. Take inspiration from your favorite teachers growing up and think about what each teacher taught you, and how you use it today. Choose a subject you love and it will come even easier to you when teaching. Changing your future and the lives of students is only a click away.


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