Tuesday 30 April 2013

Hot Topic: Grading on a Curve

From calcunation.com
At many universities in Korea grading on a curve or using a bell curve (relative grading) is the norm. Some schools do still do absolute grading.

When talking to teachers and students you will find that there are good and bad things about grading on a curve. Here's a recent discussion about grading on a curve.

Some teachers put all their students together and grade on a curve that way. Others divide them up by class and create the curve that way. 

  • It's realistic: we're constantly measured up against other people.
  • It factors in the difficultly of the course: you can do poorly and get a good grade.
  • It creates a level playing field.
  • Grades are distributed evenly.

  • Only a certain number of people can get As even if everyone does well.
  • People are competing against their classmates.
  • The standards of the course may not be meet.
  • Scores are inflated: people don't deserve the high grades they get.


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