Monday 15 April 2013

10 Best Countries for Your TEFL Adventure

When I first started this blog I wrote about which countries were the best for teaching English in. This article contains another view from a guest blogger.

Moving abroad for a summer, a semester, a year or for even longer to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) is an exciting prospect to say the least. Getting the opportunity to travel, meet new people, experience a new lifestyle or culture and discover more about yourself in the process has a certain allure. But where? There are so many countries around the world with TEFL opportunities and making the right decision for you is a very important one. Well, I am here to help with a few recommendations. Here are the 10 best countries for your TEFL adventure.

Considering Europe?
If you don't have an EU passport or permission to work in the EU it is still possible to teach English legally in the EU. Check out Europe for non-EU passport holders for more info.

1. France 
Want to experience typical French culture, fashion and cuisine in the streets of Paris, Marseille or Bordeaux, then TEFL in France is the choice to you. It isn´t one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for nothing. Its trademark romantic ambience, famous quality wine, world renowned artists and passion for film show just why. It has the benefits of the big city whilst boding arguably the best beaches in Europe across the breathtaking southern French coast. Again with TEFL opportunities available between September and June, with summer schools also spread across the country and 20-25 working hours per week, you are sure to enjoy all that France has to offer.

2. Italy 
Fancy living and working in Florence, Rome or Venice. Well, these are some of the places where the opportunities to TEFL in Italy lie. Typically you will be able to find work from September until June, with summer school opportunities also available. You will need a BA degree in order to teach English in Italy and as with all destinations a TEFL certification is essential, so make sure you complete a before you go. With an average of 20-25 teaching hours per week you´ll have plenty of time to enjoy all that Italy has to offer. With 100,000 monuments to see nationwide and being the European epicenter of art, fashion and gastronomy, their influence is plain to see in every corner of the country.

3. Spain 
To teach English as a foreign language in Spain, a BA degree is not necessary and with a wage that will enable you to comfortably live the Spanish lifestyle you will be able to find that famous quality of life everyone talks about. The Spanish cities of Barcelona, Seville and Madrid are amongst the most popular places to TEFL. Sport crazy locals have an undeniably pleasant lifestyle of long afternoon lunches, fantastic nightlife, long summers and world class architecture. It is common to take on additional tuition lessons, but expect these to be late afternoon/evening as most students are professionals or attend university.

Latin America, perhaps?
You can find more info in FAQs for Latin America.

4. Brazil 
If you have your heart set on a TEFL job in South America, Brazil could be for you. As an emerging economic superpower, the demand for English teachers is booming. Although not mandatory, the best way to find a position to TEFL in Brazil is in person. The hiring process typically goes ahead from February to March, then July and August. Brazil has an exciting few years ahead, as they will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. White sand beaches, thriving rainforests and passionate people are what you´ll find in this country.
5. Costa Rica 
Costa Rica could be your ideal destination. It’s a tropical paradise with welcoming people. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly places on earth and prides itself on its vast national parks. It is often a requirement to travel to the country in order to interview. January, June and July are the best times to find work. It will be difficult not to fall in love with its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.

How about Asia?
Find more info about teaching in Asia.

6. Korea 
With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, TEFL in Korea presents an interesting opportunity. The cosmopolitan city of Seoul alone has 1000 language schools and with 25,000 English teachers descending on Korea each year, it is fast developing. With year-round opportunities; interviews conducted by phone; air-fare reimbursements; free accommodation and a one-salary bonus; a generous wage; low-taxes and typically 10-20 days paid vacation, it is easy to enjoy a desirable lifestyle and save money in the process. Korea is now the most technologically advanced country in the world and a mix of traditions such as martial arts and architectural treasures makes for a rich culture.

7. Vietnam 
Two decades of economic growth have created a young Vietnamese population hungry for education. Airfares and housing are not provided. However, a generous salary and a low cost of living will enable you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Interviews can be taken in advance or in person. With 20-25 hours a week teaching time, you will have plenty of time to test the diverse mix of Chinese Confucianism and Cambodian Buddhist cultures. From the mountainous terrene to the bustling cities you will be able to sample the local cuisine of spring rolls and noodle soup.

8. Thailand 
Want to travel to “The Land of Smiles”? The growing number of private and now public language schools has created a demand for TESOL in Thailand. With such a low cost of living you can enjoy a portion of world famous Thai cuisine for almost nothing. With strong Buddhist religion and stunning landscape you’re sure to fall in love. English teaching jobs can be found on 12 month contacts to teach both children and adults. Most interviews are done in person and housing and airfare expenses are not normally included. Working 20-25 hours per week will allow you to see a place that embodies the past and the future of south East Asia.

9. China 
Plain and simple, the job market for English teachers is the largest in the world. This is not the only thing that is the largest; the population, the amount of English learners (300 million) and its economic growth also are. This leads to a demand of adults wishing to learn English for international business. The cost of living is low, the wages reasonable and as free housing and flight cost reimbursement are common place for those teaching English in China, it seems like an attractive offer. A BA is not obligatory but it is preferred. China really is a diverse country, with its busy cities and ancient attractions, from Shanghai to the Great Wall.

10. Japan 
English Schools are scattered everywhere across Japan with millions of adults and all children from the age of five learning English. TEFL in Japan can be easier than you think as interviews are conducted throughout the UK, US and Canada 3-6 months prior. Osaka and Fukuoka are only two of the many exciting, bustling Japanese cities and Tokyo is the largest inhabited area in the world. From ancient cities to bullet trains and from traditional dress to advanced technological research, Japan boosts a diverse existence.

So, what’s it going to be…?


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