Wednesday 1 December 2010

Quick Tip: How to Use Learning Styles in the Classroom

Updated 18 May 2013

Everyone learns differently due to learning styles / learning strategies. There are many different theories out there (take a look at Wikipedia, for example). You might also want to check out all you need to know about learning styles.

If you're interested in learning styles you should read how we retrain knowledge. Bloom's Taxonomy, Dale's Cone, and the Learning Pyramid make for interesting reads.

Due to this knowledge of learning styles, differentiated instruction, curriculum, and assessment is becoming more and more common in the classroom. The University of Toronto says that learning styles can be categorised into three categories.
  1. Perceptual modalities: physiological; using the five senses to learn
  2. Information processing: cognitive; thinking
  3. Personality patter: affective; motivation, values, emotions, and decision making process
Researchers usually concentrate on one or two of these categories and have come up with a wide variety of learning style theories. There are a lot of good books about learning styles that are definitely worth a read. Here are some of the most popular theories:


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