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Updated 6 April 2016

Why Study Online?
The US Department of Education has recently released a study that shows that students who study online perform better. If you're considering online education, do your research since some places will not accept distance degrees.

For example, the Ministry of Education in the UAE doesn't accept them but the Ministry of Higher Education does. This means that you can't teach K-12 with a distance degree but you can teach at university. While the Saudi government doesn't accept online degree, the SACM  often does. The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) requires a letter in a sealed envelope stating the method of instruction. In addition to Saudi, Kuwait, and Qatar also do not accept degrees that include coursework that was done online. Here's some info about teaching with an online degree in Saudi and Qatar as well as ways around the new laws.

If you need to get your foreign degree verified to work in the USA, Foreign Credits has an affordable service and it's the one I'll be using once we got back.  

Certificates and Diplomas
You can find information about TEFL Certificates, short courses, TEFL Diplomas, management diplomas, teacher training certificates, and qualified teaching status (QTS) / teaching licenses, check out this post. Below you will find a number of masters degrees. You can also find more at distance learning schools, affordable online schools, affordable colleges foundation, affordable online degrees, and education degree.

Master Programme Basics
Many people feel that 1 year programmes are inferior than 2 year programmes. However, you have to remember that it's quality, not quantity that matters. "If you factor in skills, such as project and time management, that are required to complete a British Masters within its tight timescale, judgements on quality based on a course's length appear shaky. (Masters of Europe, 2005)".

Be sure to consider how much time you will be expected to devote each week. It’s also worth asking about the graduates. If many people start a programme but few finish you might want to look at another school. There are a many programmes out there: online, on-campus, and blended learning (those that are a mix of the two).

Make sure that you select an accredited programme and ask about online support. There’s nothing like writing a paper and not being able to submit it because there’s a problem with the system. Your professors should be accomplished in the area they teach, have substantial teaching and training experience, as well as publications. Having an adviser who can answer questions is also good. Here is a google doc with info about some popular schools to get an online MA with.

Don’t go for the cheapest programme out there since you usually get what you pay for. If you’re a US citizen look at IEFC. Scholarships (such as those listed at GoodCall) and paying in installments might also be an option. Some universities (such as those in Asia) have been known to offer discounts simply because you're a foreigner. You can often transfer credits from another university, a certification course, or a diploma course (Cambridge ESOL has good info.) Other universities offer credits for proven work experience.

Master Degrees from Australia

Master Degrees from Canada

Master Degrees from China

Masters Degrees from Costa Rica

Masters Degrees from England

Masters Degrees from Hong Kong

Masters Degrees from Ireland

Master Degrees from Israel
  • Tel Aviv University - MA TESOL
  • University of Haifa - MA TEFL
  • University of Liverpool, in Israel (TASP: Teaching and Studying Programmes)- MA in English Language Teaching (There has been some controversy about this degree so do your research carefully.)

Masters Degree from Japan

Masters Degrees from Korea

Masters Degrees from Mexico

Masters Degrees from New Zealand

Masters Degrees from Peru
  • FUNIBER - MA in TEFL. FUNIBER has a consortium with the University of Piura, Peru and the University of Jaen, Spain.

Masters Degrees from Saudi Arabia
  • School for International Training - teaching fellowship with Saudi INTERLINK Language Center at Al Yamamah University (YU) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It consists of two summers of full-time study in Vermont and two academic years of full-time teaching at YU. You get a salary, housing, and discounted tuition. More details can be found at "teaching fellowships"at Interlink.

Masters Degrees from Scotland

Masters Degrees from South Africa

Masters Degree from Spain
  • FUNIBER - MA in TEFL. FUNIBER has a consortium with the University of Piura, Peru and the University of Jaen, Spain.

Masters Degrees from Thailand

Masters Degrees from Turkey
  • Bilkent University - They have 4 MAs: MA in Curriculum and Instruction with Teaching Cert, MA in Curriculum and Instruction, MA in Educational Management, MA in TEFL

Masters Degrees from the United States

Masters Degrees from Wales

Distance PhD / EdD Programmes can be found at this post.



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