Sunday 17 November 2013

US Dept of Ed Report Shows Online Students Perform Better

Yep, that's right. The study which was published in May 2009 states that . . .
Students who took all or part of their course online performed better on average than students taking the same course through traditional face to face learning.
In addition. . .
Online learning was more effective across a wide range of professions, backgrounds and learning styles. 
Online education is especially useful for courses that require reflection. . .
Online learning is most effective when reflection is encouraged. 
Time is also key . . .
Online learning provides the opportunity to spend more time absorbing new knowledge and reflecting on how to apply that knowledge.
Hopefully this will change the way employers see legit online degrees. Some places in the Middle East, such as the Ministry of Education (but not the Ministry of Higher Education) in Oman. You can see the full report on the US Dept of Education website or the PDF


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