Saturday 1 November 2008

Teaching as a Couple

Updated 8 February 2013

If you're going to teach abroad as a couple, you should consider who you're going to work for. You may be able to find jobs with the same employers but this may affect your housing. For example, if your employer usually pays for housing your employer might try to stick you in regular housing when you should either get a larger apartment or you should both get a housing allowance.

Other couples prefer to work for different employers since it's easier to keep their professional and personal lives separately. This way you are also more likely to get all the benefits you deserve such as housing.

Some places don't like hiring couples since if one person has trouble adjusting to living overseas, then the school will lose both teachers. In addition, couples usually want to take vacation at the same time, so it can be harder for the school to work out a schedule.

If you and your partner are from different countries than you might not be able to work in the same countries. For example, it's hard for Americans to get jobs in the EU. If your partner is from the EU they may be able to get you a visa to teach in Europe. Some countries require you to be married in order to get a visa for your partner although others such as France have common law rules. Read Europe for non EU-ers to find out more.

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