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Best TEFL Institutes in Peru

Updated 21 January 2013

There are lots of things to do in Lima and many people want to live there, as a result, there are a ton of TEFL institutes there. However, the institutes below continually receive positive feedback from teachers. One thing that stands out is that the majority of these institutes are run by expats. For more information look at top institutes in Lima, the ultimate guide to teaching in Peru, FAQ Peru, and The Ultimate Peru List.



  • Excel: Known for its laid-back work environment. Pay is about $6 an hour.
  • Maximo Nivel: They allow teachers to teach for a few months in one city, then go to another. Pay is about $6 an hour. Read my Interview with Maximo Nivel. Contact
  • Auslang: They work primarily with companies and business professionals as well as focus on international exams. They also offer private classes and work with children aged 3-16 years old. Contact
  • Business Links: One of the top and oldest Business English Institutes in Lima. Pay is $8-10 an hour. Jir√≥n Tacna 873, Miraflores. Tel: 4226002. . Ask for Alex Ellul.
  • Camelot: They're a teacher training organisation and need people to teach courses such as pronunciation, grammar, etc. Av Dos de Mayo 162, Miraflores. Tel: 4467414 or 4440147 . Ask for Arturo Fields.
  • English Life: Started by a British expat in 2004 and passed to another Brit in 2007. It's known for its small groups. Pay is about $8 an hour. Av. La Paz 434, Office 602, Miraflores. Tel: 4461968. . Ask for Valerie Watson.
  • Fulbright: They need people to teach exam prep classes, such as GMAT, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL. Pay starts at $8 an hour. Juan Romero Hidalgo 444, San Borja. Tel: 475308. . Ask for Illa.
  • Master Business English: One of the two top Business English Institutes in Lima. Teachers teach off-site courses. Pay is $6-10 an hour. Jr. Independencia 120, Miraflores, Lima. Tel: 2241744 or 998365669. or .
  • Miraflores School of English: Run by a British expat in Miraflores. Malecon Cisneros 1356, Oficina 901. 999597891, 2641835, . Ask for Julian Walters.
  • New Horizons English Learning Center: Their target market is business people. Av. Santa Cruz 870, Miraflores. Tel: 620-5900. . Ask for Ed Miller – Academic Director.
  • PARI Cooperation. Run by an Iranian expat. Pay starts at $6 an hour. Canaval y Moreyra 350, 4th Floor, San Isidro. Tel: 441-4817. or . Ask for Reza.
  • Summit Education run by an American, teaches young professionals and executives and mostly -off-site courses. Work is part time and pay is $8-11 an hour. Telephone 997-444-544 or 705-9721. Email Ask for Mike.
  • World Communications. Run by a Peruvian, they need people to teach off site courses. San Isidro. Pay starts at $8 an hour. Tel: 2214494, 2213912, 995659540. or Ask for Charo Sifuentes.
  • L and B Language School:, The only expat run institute in Talara. They also send teachers to nearby schools. If you're looking for a year-long summer Talara's the place for you. Ask for Brandon Reece.
  • El Cultural: You'll find expats who have been working here for years.
  • El Arte Sano: Set up by a Dutch woman this is a new school which started in mid 2008. It's well organised and they have very good pay for the area. Contact Elise at



  1. Thinking of Working in South America?
    Always wanted to see Peru?
    Work teaching English in Amazonas

    International Language Center
    Chachapoyas, Amazonas, Peru

    We are:
    A small language school, teaching English and other European languages to local people in a tiny city on the Andean sierra.

    We are:
    On the remote north eastern Andes, nestled between the top South American surfing coast, and the rainforest, on the mountainous route to Iquitos - the source of the river Amazon.

    We are:
    Always looking for foreign teachers who want to work 4 or 6 hours a day with us, and get to know the real Andean culture, far away from the beaten tourist path. Our terms are one month long, so you can stay for 4 weeks, or you can stay for up to a year, it’s up to you!

    We are:
    Surrounded by approximately 3000 lost jungle cities, the most famous of which is called Kuelap, from a pre Inca civilizations. Two years ago, the world’s third tallest waterfall, Gocta, was discovered here. If you’ve ever dreamed of being Indiana Jones, or Lara Croft, you can do it here.
    We also have schools in Bagua Chica and Bagua Grande. This area is reputed to be the hottest place in Peru so if you prefer heat to clouds then maybe these schools are the place for you.

    If you are:
    At least 18 years old, a native speaker of English, and good at communicating or a native speaker of the language and interested in finding worlds that are off the beaten tour bus path, then come and teach with us.
    A TEFL qualification and Skype interview is required.

    We work closely with the American Embassy on many programs. To find out more please feel free to contact us:
    International phone number: 0051 41 478807
    Skype address: ILC.PERU


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