Friday 14 November 2008

Should You Study a TEFL Course at Home or Abroad?

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Doing a TEFL Course at Home
Some of the advantages of getting a TEFL certificate at home are that you’ll already have access to housing and don't have to worry about flights. You’ll also be familiar with the area and language, so you can focus your undivided attention on your TEFL course.
Disadvantages to studying at home are costs (since course fees for overseas course are often cheaper) and the fact that your TEFL course tutors might not know much about the country where you want to teach  

Doing a TEFL Course Abroad
A big advantage of doing a TEFL certificate abroad is that you can get used to living abroad. Furthermore if you do the TEFL course in the country that you plan on teaching in your tutors will probably have experience teaching in that country so they can give advice about many things such as where to work and visa requirements. Secondly, housing costs may be cheaper abroad than at home.

There are disadvantages of studying a TEFL course abroad. Having to take an intensive one month TEFL cert is stressful enough, but having to deal with living in a foreign country can be very difficult. You won't know where things are, about cultural customs, and you may not know the local language. Costs might also be higher as you will have to pay for airfare and might get tourist prices.  

Should You Do a TEFL Course at Home or Abroad?
Each person is different and no one can tell you what's the best for you. You’ll have to weigh the options and decide for yourself. Remember that cost isn't everything and you often get what you pay for. To find out what the minimum requirements are for a good TEFL course read choosing a TEFL course. Once you find a couple courses you like you can compare them through Cactus TEFL.
This article has been published in the Turkish University Press.


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