Friday 28 November 2008

Teaching Abroad, Perks, and the Cost of Living

Updated 15 February 2012

When considering teaching abroad, remember that salary isn't the only thing to consider. Here's an example of what defines a good salary in Amsterdam.

  • When you don't have an item to pay for such as a car.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Free housing or housing allowance
  • Utilities allowance
  • Free internet
  • Free meals /meal allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Computer and printer provided
  • No taxes or lower taxes. Here's information for Americans.
  • Grants. There are grants for people who work abroad such as the Christianson Grant.
Perks and Benefits
  • Pension plan
  • Chance for advancement / pay rise
  • Flight reimbursement or a travel allowance
  • Few teaching hours
  • Chance to earn more by teaching private classes.
  • More free time
  • Longer vacation
  • Chance to travel to other nearby countries
  • Overtime
The Cost of Living
Going out to eat back home might cost you at least $20 plus tip. In other countries you can get a nice meal for less than $5 and no tip is required. Things, such as transport, movies, going out to drink, or going to a spa might be significantly cheaper. In fact many people enjoy their lives much more overseas even though they are getting a lower salary because they are able to afford luxuries more often.

When you add up the freebies, perks and benefits you might be pleasantly surprised to see that teaching overseas is often more lucrative than staying at home and chance are you'll enjoy your life more. Many people use their time overseas to pay off debt and save money for retirement while still having a good time.


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