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Updated 17 May 2017


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International Schools: Basic Information
  • Teaching at an international school
  • Try going to the US embassy website. In the American Citizen Services Section, they usually have a section called Visiting and Living in X country where you can find international and bilingual schools.
International Schools: Current Openings

International Schools: Job Fairs
  • AASSA: Association of American Schools in South America
  • CIS: Council of International Schools
  • IIE (Institute of International Education)
  • ISS (International Schools Services)
  • Queen's University's TORF (Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair)
  • Search Associates (they accept licensed and non-licensed teachers)
  • UNI (University of Northern Iowa) University Overseas Placement Service for Educators

International Schools: Lists of Schools

International Schools: Recruitment Agencies

Middle East



Universities: See Higher Education Jobs


Working Abroad Free ebooks
Boon Books has two free ebooks that might help you out.



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  2. TEFL Tips does not endorse any of the schools listed and will not be held accountable for the outcome of any applications. It is your responsibility to research every opportunity carefully!

  3. Most valuable tip for any employee. Its actually the employer's stamp and its recognition that matters a lot in order to gain some other job. I must also add that the list that you have mentioned below is very helpful for a person looking for jobs in those concerned fields. I am sure you must have taken real pain in figuring out those links and they will give you good returns as well.

    Steve Brown


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