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How to Earn Money Online

Updated 11 January 2017

More and more people are making money online. Some people use these ideas to help monetise their blog or website. However, as you can see below it's not necessary to have your own site in order to make money online.
Advertisements: There are different ways to charge for adverts. Some have flat fees and some charge per click. More info can be found in this post. Here's good info about how much you should charge for advertising and how to get more advertisers.

Affiliate Programmes

Ebook: Write an ebook. You can even set up an affiliate scheme to help sell it.

Expat / Niche Websites: Start your own website.

Franchise: Instead of starting your own site you could buy a franchise.
  • Anglo Info is one example of a franchised website.

Freelance: There's stiff competition as many people on there are from Indian or the Philippines and charge less.

Guest posts: Have people write a guest post for your site. In exchange they can link to their website. How much you charge depends on many things such as the length of the post, how much traffic you get, how many links they can add, and how long their links will stay live.
  • You can look for people on your own or go through a company such as Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and they will find guest posters (as well as advertisers) for you. 
  • Sometimes advertisers will contact you or you can find advertisers yourself. For example, I was contacted by Greenback Tax Services and they have written some guests posts for me.

Market Writing: Write posts for other people.
  • David from ELT world also has good info about market writing on his blog.

Online Business: Take a look around you and see if you can sell goods or services.
  • Try selling local goods to people back home (some people use ebay) or handmade items, such as soap, to expats.

Photos: Your photos have to be top quality and can't be on any other stock sites.  

Teaching: You can tutor or set up a MOOC.

Translate: Competition is fierce. It helps if you know a difficult language.

Turking: It doesn't pay that well, but it could add up.

Writing: You could write articles for websites. You could also write ebooks. It takes minimal time and effort and there are no shipping costs so it's easy to make a profit.

How to Get Traffic

Free Info About Making Money Online

Where to Live Overseas if Most of Your Income is Online
By working online you can live anywhere in the world.
  • Cambodia
  • China (some tourist agents in Shanghai can get you business visas for up to 1 year)
  • EU (If you're from the EU, you can live just about anywhere in the EU)
  • India (6 month tourist visas)
  • Indonesia (6 month tourist visas)
  • Mexico (6 month tourist visas)
  • Latin America (border hop or pay cheap fines for overstaying your visa)
  • Philippines (you can extend a tourist visa for up to 2 years)
  • Thailand (extend your tourist visa or border hop)
  • Turkey (get a resident visa for up to 5 years)
  • Vietnam (easily renewable tourist visas)



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