Sunday 6 November 2011

Hot Topic: Masters or Teaching License?

Many people have trouble deciding whether to get a masters or teaching license.  The truth is they often serve different purposes.  Teaching licenses, otherwise known as PGCE (postgraduate certificates of education), PGDE (postgraduate diplomas of education) will lead to you becoming an NQT (newly qualified teacher) and then you'll have QTS (qualified teaching status).

All these letters simply mean that you can teach in K-12 schools. If you are able to teach in these schools, you could get a job at an international school.  In other words, you should go for a teaching license if you want to work with kids.

Masters degrees are often required to work at universities.  While having a masters degree might also increase your pay if you're at an international school, it won't get your foot in the door.  You'll need a teaching license in order to teach at an international school.

Some people say that working at an international school is better since you get free education for your children, but others say the long hours and stress that go along with it aren't worth it.  Others prefer university jobs where they have less hours per week, more vacation and don't have to deal with parents.

I personally prefer working at a university since I get a decent amount of overtime, can work a bit during the breaks and still have a couple months vacation. 

What do you think?
Is it better to get a masters degree and teach at a university or to get a teaching license and teach at an international school?

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