Sunday 20 November 2011

Hot Topic: Teaching Hours

Tell people you're a teacher and more likely than not they'll tell you you're lucky because you have long vacations and only teach for a few hours.

Most TEFL and TESL teachers teach between 15 and 25 hours a week and while that may seem like few hours there are other things to be taken into consideration such as planning, meetings, grading, and creating material.

Nonetheless, there are teachers out there eager to teach 30, 35, or more hours in an effort to earn more money.  Some may teach at another school, teach private lessons, or just work overtime. Some teachers say this is bad since quantity is often traded for quality.  Others say they have no problems juggling the amount of hours.

What do you think?
Is money more important to you than free time?  Do you think if teachers teach many hours the quality of the lessons goes down?  Are you a teacher who can easily teach 25 or more hours per week?

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