Saturday 12 November 2011

Cool Link: English Addicts

This cool link was suggested by Brad Patterson.

English Addicts is a daily English lesson that improves listening comprehension and builds vocabulary. Written by 5 seasoned ELT teachers, each new lesson has 10 activities based on a hand-picked excerpt from Voice of America. In 2007, David Graddol prepared a report for the British Council demonstrating that 775% of people using English neither use an American nor British accent.

English Addicts seeks to prepare students for this reality as its 13 international accents attune their ear to both the English they may require, or the English they might encounter. Introduce your students to the free weekly lesson on Fridays. If they choose to invest further, there are over 1500 lessons are at their disposal, as well as tracking program that will allow you to monitor their progress. This will show them how quickly they can advance while following the news that interests them. For class purposes, teachers should also check out the itunes podcast accompanied by free discussions tasks with each new lesson on

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