Sunday 25 September 2011

Hot Topic: MA Before Experience

Some people say it's best to get a couple years teaching experience before going for a master degree. In fact, some universities require you to have at least two years teaching experience in order to get accepted into their programme.

These people say it's good to have a basis in teaching before going for further study. It also lets you know if teaching is something you'd like to do for a while.

However, other people say it's best to get your master degree as soon as possible; even if you don't have teaching experience. These people say that it's hard to stop teaching and take time off to get a master degree, which is true since many people go for online degrees. They also think that it's best to be as qualified as you can before you start teaching.

What do you think?
Is it best to wait a couple years before doing a master degree or should you do one as soon as possible?

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