Sunday 4 September 2011

Hot Topic: Too Old to Teach

Discrimination is here to stay and ageism is alive and kicking in the TEFL world. While most jobs have cutoff ages around 55. I've seen some adverts that don't accept teachers older than 45. Sometimes this is due to visa requirements, but other times it's due to individual schools.

While many people think this is unfair (and they're right), there are also lower age limits. Malaysia, for example, won't give teaching visas to people under 27.

While I understand that it gets more difficult to teach and medical care may increase while you get older, I think that people should be able to teach until they're at least 65. People have fought against ageism. Some have won and others have lost. Always have a Plan B in case things don't work out.

What do you think?
What's the cutoff age at your job?  Have you had problems getting a job due to your age?

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