Wednesday 21 September 2011

ESL Educators Blog Carnival: September 2011, TEFL Certificates

TEFL Tips is hosting the ESL Educators Blog Carnival this month: a group of bloggers from across the spectrum.  Lots of experience, tips, and ideas to help ESL and EFL teachers out.

From TEFL Newbie
The Internet is the Internet and you will read many opinions, some very definite and positive, but still just opinions about what kind of TEFL Training is acceptable. About international standards. About what employers will or won’t accept. Some people say only the CELTA or Trinity are okay and suggest you are wasting your money with anything else. But you should know that there is not ONE organization or ONE set standard in the world for TEFL programs. Period. There just isn’t. Find out by reading Ted's blog at TEFL Newbie.

Ted Tucker is a retired TEFL educator and TEFL Teacher Trainer. With an overseas career that started as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana in 1989 - he has been abroad ever since working in countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. You can find him at TEFL Newbie.

From My Several Worlds

Just because you speak English fluently doesn’t mean you understand the mechanics of how the English language works. A good TEFL course will give you the basics that you need to become a successful and skilled educator. Here's why you should take a TEFL training course if you want to teach abroad.  Find out by reading the post TEFL Courses Explained - Why You Should Take A TEFL Training Course To Teach Abroad at Carrie's site, My Several Worlds.

Carrie Kellenberger, a freelance writer and photographer living in Asia since 2003, writes about life as an expat, Asian travel destinations, and her experiences working in the ESL industry on her award-winning web site, My Several Worlds

From TEFL Tips
On-site, online, weekend, intensive, semestre long: with so many choices out there it's hard to TEFL cert. Some TEFL courses are well worth the time, effort, and money and others won't get you noticed when you apply for teaching jobs. Find out which ones are worth it and which ones you should skip at Choosing a TEFL Course.

Sharon de Hinojosa is your host here at TEFL Tips. I've been teaching English since early 2003.  I got started posting on Dave’s ESL Cafe shortly after and found myself regularly helping out other people and giving advice to newbies.  Over time, things progressed and I thought it would be a good idea to compile answers to FAQ that newbies often have about TEFLing and that’s how my wonderful TEFL Tips got started.



  1. To me, the importance of this type of piece of paper is not whether or not your future job prospects might require one, but that they’re designed to give you some semblance of an idea WHAT TO ACTUALLY DO in a classroom.


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