Sunday 11 September 2011

ESL EFL Roadshow: Job Interview Tips

TEFL Tips is hosting the first ESL EFL Roadshow this month: a group of bloggers from around the world. Lots of experience, tips, and ideas to help ESL and EFL teachers out. This month's topic is job interview tips.

From TEFL Newbie
Most people approach TEFL interviews the same way they would an interview back in their home country. Two problems with that. First, many of us are hoping to escape that uncomfortable and degrading process in a new world overseas. Second, more often than not your interviewer is not from that Western world and has distinctly different ideas about who they want to hire and why. Here's how to win that job!  Find out by reading Ted's blog TEFL Newbie.

Ted Tucker is a retired TEFL educator and TEFL Teacher Trainer. With an overseas career that started as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana in 1989 - he has been abroad ever since working in countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. You can find him at TEFL Newbie.

From Istanbul's Stranger
Remember, you're interviewing them too. Four tips about weird job interviews that might be telling you something is seriously awry. Find out more by reading Istanbul's Stranger's blog.

Istanbul's Stranger is originally from Reno, Nevada and most recently from Portland, Oregon. Stranger came to Turkey almost 10 years ago. She had all kinds of education before that, which she's still paying for. Stranger's been working in the former Byzantium since she arrived, teaching adults at language schools and universities. She also did some freelance writing while on work-hiatus for baby-raising, and currently babysits grown-up children in the English prep department of a large university.

From Teacher in Mexico
Congratulations! You just finished your EFL teacher training, those grueling four weeks of sweating over coming up with interesting ideas for classes, of pouring over page after page of theory, of juggling type three conditionals. Well you're all done. So what’s next? The job interview. Find out more by reading Guy's blog Teacher in Mexico.

Guy Courchesne, TEFL course instructor, Teachers Latin America. Guy is a journalist and and EFL teacher that has lived in Mexico for 11 years. Guy has been teaching business EFL and TEFL courses for the last 9 years in Mexico City, Acapulco, and Guadalajara. Guy is a member of Mextesol and also gives English teaching workshops to language institutes around Mexico. You can find him at Teacher in Mexico.

From TEFL Tips
Interviews can be daunting but if you're prepared and know what to expect you'll have no problem acing your interview. Don't forget to ask questions as well! Find out what questions you'll be asked and what questions you should ask the interviewer by reading TEFL Tips.

Sharon de Hinojosa is your host here at TEFL Tips. I've been teaching English since early 2003.  I got started posting on Dave’s ESL Cafe shortly after and found myself regularly helping out other people and giving advice to newbies.  Over time, things progressed and I thought it would be a good idea to compile answers to FAQ that newbies often have about TEFLing and that’s how my wonderful TEFL Tips got started.



  1. Hi Friends,

    A job interview is your chance to make a positive impression, gain the interest and confidence of your interviewer and end up with an offer. I hope that it eventually proves easier for you the reader to follow the postings and comments.

  2. The first step for us to get our success in our career is to be successful in job interview

  3. Probably before that is to have a good CV.


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