Friday 30 October 2015

Poll Results: My Time in Korea . . .

I asked people what they thought about their time in Korea. Here are the results.
  • It was just right. I'm still here. 30.19% with 48 votes.
  • It was too long. I should have left earlier. 14.47% with 23 votes.
  • I'm still here after 5 years. 11.95% with 19 votes.
  • It was just right. I left when I should have. 11.32% with 18 votes.
  • It was too short. I should have stayed longer. 8.18% with 13 votes
  • I'm still here after 3 years. 5.66% with 9 votes.
  • I love everything except for the fact that I'm still single. 5.66% with 9 votes. 
  • The legal system is crap! 3.77% with 6 votes.
  • It was too long but I'm here for another year yet. 3.14% with 5 votes.
  • It was too short. I came back! 2.52% 2ith 4 votes.
  • Regretful. 1.89% with 3 votes. 
  • Never go there. 0.63% with 1 vote.
  • Wish I had a uni job in the US or Thailand with better pay 0.63% with 1 vote.
With 159 responses an overwhelming 70% have positive things to say about Korea. You can read more about Korea at the Best TEFL jobs in Korea, Is Korea still a good place to work, and Getting a uni job in Korea.


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