Sunday 25 October 2015

Grading Shy Students on Participation

Most of the classes I teach are based on conversation, however, not all students like to talk in class. Being an introvert, I understand where they're coming from. Just because they don't like to talk every single class does not mean that they deserve a low participation score. There are other ways they can participate in class. Below you can find 7 ideas to help you grade shy students.

  1. Tries to use English when working in partners or small groups. Some students don't like talking in front of the class, but feel more comfortable in small groups.
  2. Pays attention to the teacher and classmates. Even if a student volunteers all the time, if they're talking while you're talking or on their cell phone, then they should get a lower grade.
  3. Doesn't use their cell phone. Students are addicted to their phones, but don't you think the shy student should get points for not using their phone while the outgoing student is constantly texting?
  4. Listens actively. They take notes and/or give people their undivided attention.
  5. Does the activities and stays on task. They concentrate on the task at hand and get it done.
  6. Helps other people out. Just because they're shy doesn't mean they don't understand.
  7. Actively seeks out help. They ask a classmate or the teacher if they don't understand.


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