Tuesday 20 October 2015

7 Tips for Finishing an Online Course

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Whether you're doing a diploma, a masters, a doctorate, or a MOOC, here are some tips to help you finish what you start. This is based on the #ELTchat Summary of 24th September 2014.
  1. Pay for it: Whether it's true or not, people still think that you get what you pay for. If you're taking the class for free you're less likely to finish it. If they have a paid option, such as some of the courses at Coursera, consider paying the fee. 
  2. Know what's expected: Make sure you're able to do the course. That means that you have the appropriate background knowledge as well as the time to devote to it. 
  3. Organise yourself and manage your time wisely: Some courses just have a final project while others will have quizzes and tasks for you to do throughout the course. Make a weekly plan of what you want to get done so that you don't fall behind. It's challenging to juggle your personal life, work, and studies. Make a plan to make sure that you're not stressing out the night before the final project is due.
  4. Make sure it works for your learning style: Some people prefer videos to readings, or many small quizzes compared to a bit final project.
  5. Enlist a friend: Have someone who can keep you accountable. It could be someone taking the course or even a friend. If it's someone taking the course it's even better as they could become your study buddy.
  6. See if it could help you at work: Tell your boss that you're studying. This will keep you accountable and also show her that you're interested in CPD.
  7. Ask yourself why you're doing it: You need to be motivated in order to complete the course. If it's required you still need to find out what benefits you will get by taking the course.


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