Wednesday 2 July 2014

Sample Contract for Vinnell Arabia

I've been thinking about teaching in the Middle East for years and years. Saudi has actually been my first choice. I know I could handle the boredom. An anonymous source just sent me this contract. Hope it helps some of you. If you're thinking about moving to Saudi, you should read Living and Working in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia and How to Succeed in the Gulf: Living and Working in an Arab Culture.

Please be aware that Vinnell Arabia has reached a contract ending date, effective December 31, 2014. Working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia going into its 39th consecutive year, Vinnell Arabia will be up for re-bid, but most likely will be extended as it has at the end of every 5 year period for the life of the contract. It usually gets extended for a year while they prepare the re-bid. We feel obligated to let you know this. We also feel obligated to tell you that we don't expect any interruptions. 

Vinnell Arabia would like to offer you a position as a Instructor, English Language Training on the SANG contract in Riyadh Saudi Arabia This is a one year contract renewable at the end of the first year. The following outlines the benefits and compensation.

Company Provided Non-Exempt Employee Benefits/Living Arrangements 
The following is a summary of living accommodations and benefits that are normally provided to Vinnell Arabia employees supporting the Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization Program, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Processing/General Information: Employment contracts are for one year (renewable annually). Positions are normally single status, unaccompanied and are primarily based in Riyadh with small satellite locations in Jeddah and the Eastern Province. Employer paid expenses include a physical exam, passport and passport photos, visa services, police records check and other expenses pertaining to deployment processing. No federal or state taxes are withheld, FICA is taken. The Company provides round trip transportation from your point of hire to KSA and return in accordance with the terms of the employment agreement; local transportation at work site is provided according to program requirements. You are authorized to ship 110 lbs unaccompanied baggage, professionally packed and shipped to jobsite (weight allowance includes packing materials).

Housing and Amenities on the Camp Vinnell Arabia Compound: Housing is provided to all employees at no cost on the Camp Vinnell compound. Internal security/force protection is provided by physical security devices and a trained US security force. However, you need to be aware that Saudi Arabia remains a dangerous part of the world due to the threat of terrorist attacks against Americans. The accommodations on the Camp Vinnell Compound are composed of two bedroom apartments. You can expect a private bedroom and bathroom with shared common living area and kitchen facilities with one other person. Telephone is provided (local calls are free, long-distance and overseas calls are at employee’s expense). Free e-mail and internet access is provided (a personal computer is the responsibility of the employee). Selection of free cable TV channels is available. If you desire a personal TV in your room, you may provide that at your expense. Some individuals purchase a TV from personnel departing the contract or acquire one in Riyadh. The operating systems for television are NTSC, PAL and SECAM, so multi-system TVs are essential. Residential compound recreation facilities include a recreation center, a basketball court, weight training facilities and exercise machines, reading and video libraries, two tennis courts, intramural sports programs, mini-mart (snacks/toiletries/sundries), swimming pool, racquetball court. Various 9 and 18 hole grass golf courses are located in the immediate vicinity of Riyadh.

Personal Computers: Each resident will have access to the internet using a Wi-Fi signal that reaches every room, or through a LAN cable connection available in the outlet in each residential room. All Notebooks come with Wi-Fi connectivity, however if any desktop computer requires Wi-Fi connectivity, a USB Wireless adapter is available for issue as needed. A username and password will be required to use the internet and that would be issued to the user once they in-process. Meals: The Company provides a dining facility on the residential compound. All employees will receive a monthly food allowance. As stated above, each apartment also has a kitchen.

Vehicles and Miscellaneous Services: Employees have access to vehicles, on an “as available” basis, at no cost to them for personal and recreational use during after duty hours in accordance with organizational assignments. Vehicles are normally shared by two or more individuals. There is a barber on the Vinnell Arabia office compound (hair cuts are about SR30 - about $8.00). Mail service utilizes the APO system and allows for 1st class mail up to 13 oz. shipping and receiving of packages is available on the office compound. Inbound packages must be sent to Baltimore, MD to our freight forwarder and the employee pays for shipping packages outbound to their point of destination. Priority Mail from the US Postal Service as well as Federal Express, UPS and DHL are available on the office compound. Any number of shipping companies can be used on the compound or the economy. Working Hours/Vacation/Holidays: The workweek is 45 hours: 5 nine-hour workdays, Sunday – Thursday; 198 hours of vacation are provided per 12-month period (21.67 working days each employment contract/year). A vacation travel allowance is currently provided in the amount of $3816 annually, paid at $318/month. There are 9 paid Saudi Arabian holidays.

Health Coverage: The company will provide employees with medical insurance while in KSA; elective medical insurance plans are available for employees and their dependents outside of KSA. Elective medical plans are outlined in the Benefits Handout.

Life Insurance: Employer paid Life Insurance is provided at one times an employee’s annual base salary or $50,000, whichever is greater, up to a maximum of $100,000. Additional Life Insurance is available with an employee paid premium with details outlined in the Benefits Handout.

Sick Leave: Sick leave is administered and must be approved by the company doctor: 90 days per employment year; 1st 30 days = 100% salary; next 60 days = 75% salary.

Salary, Financial Services and Taxes: Salaries: paid monthly, direct deposit to any federally insured U.S. bank/credit union, or via a check in U.S. dollars at jobsite. Check cashing/currency exchange is available on the office compound.Saudi Service award: One-half of one months ending salary and allowances is paid to you or on your behalf, times the number of years you were on the contract, payable in accordance with the employment agreement terms as a one-time lump sum payment upon successful completion of employment in the Kingdom, for the first five years; one month’s salary and benefits for each year thereafter.

Taxes: Up to $97,300 is exempt from federal income taxes providing you meet the requirements of Section 911 of the U.S. Tax Code. The above accommodations, benefits and services are subject to change at the job site location based upon the political/security situation or changes to specific requirements at the time of arrival. Job Site Management makes final determination on any changes to services described above.

Position: Instructor, English Language Training
Monthly Salary 3,180
Monthly Vac Tvl 318 
Subsistence 321
Subtotal 3,819 
Foreign Svc 12 % 382 
Monthly Total 4,201

Annual Salary 38,160 
Annual Vac/Tvl 3,816
Subsistence 3,852
Subtotal 45,828
Foreign Svc 12 % 4,579
Saudi Est Award 1,910
Completion Award 1,526
Annual Total 53,843 

Do you have a current passport and if so, when does it expire? Should you accept this offer, what would be your availability date? I would ask that you please respond to the offer within the next 48 hours. Thank you.

Best regards,


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