Thursday 24 July 2014

7 Reasons to Use Extensive Reading in Your ESL Classes

In many EFL and ESL classes reading is often a short activity that rarely lasts the entire class period or longer. Things are starting to change and there's a push for extensive reading. Studies have shown that it has been tied to students' academic success. Graded readers are often used to help promote extensive reading. Below you can find 7 reasons why you should use ER (extensive reading) in your classroom.
  1. It exposes students to the classics using grammar and vocabulary they can understand. Shakespeare and Dickens is hard enough for native speakers. Graded readers are abridged versions that allow the students to read classics without compromising understanding.
  2. Reading increases vocabulary and the more reading students do, the more vocabulary they'll learn.
  3. It provides good examples of writing, such as paragraphs, transitions, and more.
  4. It motivates and encourages students. They're able to see an increase in their English language learning because they have read an entire book in English.
  5. ER increases English comprehension. The more imput they have, the more output they'll produce.
  6. It encourages students to read. Technology is taking over our lives and reading is getting pushed to the back burner. Using ER in class shows students that there's still a place for reading in our lives.
  7. ER is fun! Reading is often seen as a hobby and it's a nice break from normal class activities.
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