Wednesday 15 January 2014

Hot Topic: Schools Need to be More Transparent about the Renewal Process

I recently wrote about what schools require in order to renew your contract. As you can see by the topics I discussed, a lot of it has to do with whether the school likes you or not. That's really hardly fair. Being a good teacher doesn't mean that the school has to like you. Heck, being a good teacher doesn't mean that you have to have fun in class or that your students have to like you either.

Being a good teacher is simply being a good teacher.

If admin is going to put you through a process in order to renew you (or promote you), they need to be more transparent about it. Too often the admin will evaluate you without explaining how they arrived at that number.

Could you imagine if you did that to students? Simply gave them a grade without explaining why? There'd be mass chaos  The same applies to the admin when the grade their teachers.

Though you'll find that the admin won't like this idea very much at all. The reason behind this is that if they have to tell you how you got the grade you'd soon find out that getting renewed is just like getting high student evals: it's a popularity contest.


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