Friday 10 January 2014

The Best TEFL Jobs in the World

Why I Made This List
Over the years I've copied and pasted good TEFL job adverts. My definition of good is that they provide a higher than normal salary, good perks and benefits, and a nice working environment. Many people think that the only good TEFL jobs can be found in the Middle East or Korea. However, I've found good TEFL jobs all over the world.

I made this list because I like to organise information and help people. Here's the complete list of the best TEFL jobs in the world. By putting it on my blog I'm able to keep all the information in one place, make it easy for people to access, and I can update it easily. I'm hoping other people will tell me about more jobs so I can add them. If you'd like to add an employer please email me at

The Best TEFL Jobs in the World Helps . . . .
  • Employers: First, good employers will be recognised and be put on this list and more teachers will find out about them. Secondly, if teachers know that the employers are good people to work for, then the employers can afford to be choosy and demand their teachers have more experience and qualifications.
  • Recruiters: Recruiters don't have a very good rep. By publishing this list, recruiters can contact these employers and help teachers get good jobs. By doing so, they won't be viewed so negatively.
  • Students: As more teachers find this list, competition is going to go up. this means that employers can pick the very best teachers to teach their students. 
  • Teachers: Happy teachers are often good teachers and no one wants to work long and hard overseas for less than they'd make at McDonald's back home. Even McDonald's provides basic benefits that many TEFL employers don't. Unfortunately, many people would have you believe that TEFL doesn't pay and provides no benefits. The more teachers that find out about good jobs, the better. They can get a good TEFL job that they deserve.
  • TEFL Certification Courses: Most TEFL courses provide guaranteed job placement, but it is usually just a list of links where you can find jobs. Now TEFL courses can point their students to this list. 
  • The TEFL Industry: Teaching English isn't what it used to be where backpacker teachers could get a job. More places are requiring degrees as well as TEFL certs. Using these good schools as an example should cause other schools to realise that they have to follow suit and offer a good salary and benefits package if they want to get and retain quality teachers.

The Best TEFL Jobs in the World
The Best TEFL Jobs in the World page and you can also read Why I Chose Money for the Best TEFL Jobs.


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