Thursday 9 January 2014

What To Do When Your Boss Won’t Renew You

It’s hard to find out that you’re not going to get renewed. I always tell people to look for a job when their contract is up, even if they’re sure they’ll get renewed. Until they sign their new contract, they shouldn’t count on anything.

If your boss won’t renew you and legally they should, like in the case of maternity leave, then you have two options: fight it or accept it. If you fight it, you may get renewed or paid a settlement, but you also may . . .
  • End up paying a lot in legal fees 
  • Be working in a very uncomfortable environment where you’re not wanted 
  • Be treated badly 
  • Not get renewed next year 
  • Get blacklisted or labeled as a difficult teacher 
  • Not be able to teach extra classes, such as overtime or those during breaks 
  • Lose the legal battle 

Obviously only you can weigh the pros and cons of fighting your boss in order to get renewed. The bottom line is that many TEFL teachers have no job security. Looking for jobs when your contract is up is useful.
  • It allows you to keep your CV up-to-date 
  • It lets you practice writing cover letters 
  • You get interview and demo lesson experience 
  • You can network with other teachers 

If your boss doesn’t renew you, it’s not the end of the world. There are probably better jobs out there and it’s not fun working somewhere you’re not wanted. There are lots of good jobs out there. Chances are your new job will be better than your current one.


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