Saturday 17 August 2013

Can You Apply to Jobs You've Previously Turned Down?

As with most things it depends. It can be awkward to apply for a job that you had been offered but for some reason decided not to accept it. There are a couple reasons why I think it's ok to applied for a job when you were previously offered it but decided not to accept it.

Things change and even though you didn't accept the job, there's still a chance that you might be offered it again. Below are some situations that might cause you to re-apply to the job that you turned down.

1. Your situation has changed
  • Maybe you turned down a job in order to study.
  • Or possibly because your partner was unwilling to move.
2. The job you actually accepted isn't as good as you thought
  • You might not have accepted the job because it was your second choice and your first choice offered you your dream job. All that glitters isn't gold though; the job you accepted might not have turned out the way you thought it would.
3. The job itself changed
  • Maybe the pay they offered you was too low but now they're offering more.
  • The benefits package might have changed: less hours, a bigger bonus, housing or an allowance, or the vacations are longer.

4. The Director Of Studies or Hiring Director has changed
  • In the TEFL world DOSes come and go. If there's a new DOS you've got a better chance of being asked for an interview even though you turned them down before.
  • If you turned the job down because the previous DOS wasn't good, then you might want to accept the job with a new DOS.


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