Monday 26 August 2013

Enhanced Lectures

Also known as interactive or guided lectures, these lectures get students involved and have been shown to raise their grade. Many, many teachers are trying new and innovative ways (such as using cellphones in class) to get students involved more in the class. Stephanie Nickerson wrote a great article on what to do during enhanced lectures. You can read more about each one in her article at NYU.
  • Use the pause procedure
  • Short writes
  • Think-Pair-Share
  • Formative Quizzes
  • Create an Exam Question
  • Voting and Polling
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • Mid-lecture Brainstorming
Another good article worth a read is at Bright Hubs. The writer has many ideas to help teachers out. Here are a few of them.
  • Give an outline
  • Use discussion groups
  • Talk about one question
  • Give students the lecture objectives
  • Answer open-ended questions that the students come up with


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