Wednesday 28 August 2013

Hot Topic: Why You Should Accept a Lower Paying Teaching Job

Money can't buy happiness and there are many reasons why you might want to accept a teaching job that pays less. Perks and benefits can count for a lot and help lower your taxes.

The picture on the right doesn't show money as a part of job satisfaction. There is self confidence, a challenging attitude, variety, self awareness, knowing your options, a balanced lifestyle, and a purpose. In addition to those here are some other things people consider besides money when looking for a great job.

  • Possibility for advancement
  • Academic freedom
  • Well-developed curriculum and materials
  • Stability
  • Prestigious school
Perks and Benefits
  • Teaching facilities
  • Your own office
  • Teaching interesting classes
  • Housing or housing allowance
  • Good expat community
  • Livable city
  • Long vacations
  • Chance to learn the language
  • Number of teaching hours
  • How many days a week you teach
  • Possibility for overtime
  • Possibility for outside work
  • Few meetings
  • Few office hours / desk warming hours
  • Little paperwork
  • Helpful faculty and staff
  • Honest management
  • Getting paid on time
  • No micromanagement
  • Fair treatment / no favouritism
  • Transparent evaluations
  • Small classes
  • Student motivation
  • Student age



  1. Teachers need to earn at least enough money to live on in the local economy and to be able to pay for other things like flights home, flights to their next job. ESL isn't exactly a lucrative career.

    1. I agree with you about the flights and such, but disagree about it being a lucrative career. There are some countries and some employers that pay very, very well.


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