Sunday 4 August 2013

TEFL Teachers Need to Look Out for #1

Loyalty to employers can be a touchy subject. If you want to quit or finish your contract early you might be penalized. Likewise, future employers may be wary of hiring someone who has left their job early, even if it was because of a dodgy employer. While most people in hiring understand about leaving a bad job, they might not look to kindly on teachers who leave a decent job for a better job.

It's a fine line. Very few TEFL employers offer stability and many teachers sign year to year contracts. At the end of each contract there's no guarantee that they'll keep their job. After all, if the employer finds a teacher who is willing to work more hours and for less they may lose their job. So how come that's ok but it's not ok for a teacher to keep their best interests at heart and to look out for themselves?

I think that if employers expect TEFL teachers to be loyal then they need to offer more perks, benefits, and stability, like Google. This will help out both the employer and the teacher in the long run. Happier teachers mean happier students. And employers will also save costs on recruitment and training. Until then, teachers are going to look out for themselves, especially if they have a family to support.


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