Saturday 9 July 2011

New TEFL Tips Design

TEFL Tips is finally a dot com! The new address is Be sure to update your bookmarks!

About TEFL Tips
TEFL Tips is designed to help ESL and EFL newbies and olbies alike. Whether you teach ESL, EFL, EAP, ESP, the 4 skills, exam prep, Business English, young learners, teenagers, or adults, you'll find tons of info to help you out. Here's an example of what can be found at TEFL Tips:
Weekly Posts: If you have an idea for a Hot Topic, Cool Link, Quick Tip, or Job Site email me and be sure to let me know your name and website (if you have one).
  • A Hot Topic in teaching
  • A Cool Link to a neat website (published twice a week)
  • A Quick Tip to help you become a better teacher
  • A Job Site that tells you the best places to look for TESL and TEFL jobs

Monthly Posts

New Design
I've been working on TEFL Tips for the past couple of weeks trying to get it more organised and easier to navigate. Here are the 10 changes I've made.

1. EBOOKS: They're at the top of the page.

2. PAGES: They're at the top of the site and organised by subject.
  • About: It has an introduction to TEFL Tips. There's also contact information on this page.  Whether you have questions, comments, or suggestions for articles or posts, are interested in being a guest blogger, or want advertising rates, feel free to contact me.
  • TEFL Basics: Heaps of information for those starting out, such as taking a TEFL course and writing a CV.
  • Career: Information for those wanting to make a career out of teaching, such as getting masters degree and finding university jobs.
  • Classroom: Tips for the classroom, such as teaching the 4 skills and classroom management.
  • Money: How to make extra money, such as teaching private students and negotiating your contract.
  • Where to go: Information about TEFLing around the world..
  • ebooks: How to teach the 4 skills, grammar, young learners, and a guide to Peru.

3. POLL: On the left side there's a monthly poll about teaching.  The results will be published every 7th of each month.

4. SHARE BUTTONS: Facebook, Reddit, Tweet, and other share buttons can be found at the top and bottom of each post. 

5. TAGS: They're on the left and should help you find exactly what you're looking for.

6. SUGGESTED ARTICLES: At the bottom of each post is a list of 5 articles that might interest you.

7. MORE ARTICLES: There will be weekly Hot Topics, Cool Links, and Quick Tips. There will also be 3 special articles each month.  There will be a main article coming out the 1st of every month. Poll results will be published on the 7th. On the 21st there will be a link to the ESL Carnival, which is a monthly compilation of 7 articles by 7 different authors all about topics related to teaching. 

8. EASIER TO READ: From 3 columns to 2 columns. And a "Read more" link at the bottom of each post to help you skim down the blog and find the articles that interest you.  You can also find a search function in the left column.

9. FEWER ADVERTS: Many adverts have been taken down and the ones left up are ones that I personally believe have something good to offer.

10. UPDATED POSTS: Many old posts have been updated to ensure that you have the lastest info.

Hope you enjoy the new look!



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