Sunday 3 July 2011

Teaching English to Young Learners ebook

Teaching English to Young Learners can very rewarding. Most teachers love teaching the young children because they learn so fast. They're like little sponges.

If you're going to teach young learners, then you need to know how to teach them. From lesson plans and activities to dealing with discipline problems, this ebook has it all.

Here’s what’s on offer:
  • Heaps of lessons and activities
  • Advice for teaching young learners
  • How age impacts language learning
  • How boys and girls learn and behave differently
  • How to work with not against students.
  • Behavior Management – Made Easy!
  • Assessing your young learners' skills and what to do about it
  • How to work cooperatively and positively with parents, school administrators and co-teachers

Best of All . . .
  • Lots of lesson plans and activities with suggested changes for different age groups
  • Popular songs and games that are easy for kids to learn

Plus . . .
  • THREE PAGES of links to resources where you can download FREE young learner resources, lessons, activities, games and much more.

How much is it?
Only US$9.95. So what are you waiting for? Get Teaching English to Young Learners today!


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