Sunday 24 July 2011

Hot Topic: The Cambridge Monopoly

Cambridge has given us a variety of exams for students, such as the FCE and CAE as well as courses for teachers, such as the celta and delta. However, they seem to have a bit of a monopoly over TEFL and also seem to favour their own teachers.

Take the celta, anyone can enroll in one month intensive course. However, the Delta is more difficult since many of the centres require you to be a teacher at one of their institutes in order to enroll in the two month intensive version.

Sure, there's the distance delta, which can be done in modules, but it requires a lot more organising and you might have to pay for a local tutor (but they don't have to be a native speaker) as well.

What do you think?
Does Cambridge have too much of a monopoly over TEFL?  Do you have a celta or a delta?

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