Friday 12 December 2014

How to Get Your MBA - Without Taking the GMAT

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Does the thought of taking another test just to get back into school scare the living daylights out of you? Perhaps you're not a great test taker but are better at applying your skills to everyday situations. A poor GMAT score could only be a detriment to your admissions material.

In that case, you might choose not to take the GMAT test at all. Hold up. How can you get your MBA without GMAT scores? Is that even possible? Turns out, it is. Check out these ways you can get your MBA without taking the GMAT.

Submit GRE Scores 
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If you're scared to death about the GMAT, consider taking the GRE general test instead. The Graduate Records Examination is a more standardized test than the GMAT. That means that you're tested on more general knowledge rather than just analytical writing and problem-solving abilities.

A high score on the GRE is oftentimes enough for universities to accept your application without a GMAT score. US News recently published a list of schools that accept GRE scores along with GMAT scores (you can browse these in their business schools section).

As an added perk, the GRE test is about $50 cheaper than the GMAT. To take your GRE test, you'll have to schedule a time with one of 700 global prometric testing centers and be prepared for about four hours of testing. Your score is valid for five years after taking the test.

Use Your Undergrad GPA to Your Advantage 
What if you don't want to take a test at all? Doesn't taking the GRE test kind of defeat the purpose of skipping out on the GMAT? If you graduated from your undergrad program with high honors, then you may not have to take the test at all. A high GPA is a data point that you can use as "proof" to show your competency to admissions offices.

However, since most universities already look at undergrad GPA when considering students, a high GPA doesn't always mean you can get out of getting your test scores. Talk with your admissions counselor to see if your GPA qualifies you to skip the GMAT and what other options you have if it doesn't.

Enter a Program With a Waiver System 
If you're looking to get your online MBA, no GMAT is required for select programs that offer a waiver system. These programs will waive the test score requirements for qualifying applicants. To qualify, you often have to prove your skills by showing a high undergrad GPA and your achievements in previous work experience. If you don't want to take the GMAT, these programs are probably the best option for you since their goal is to encourage non-typical students to apply. That could mean that the program as a whole would be a better fit for you.

Having no GMAT scores doesn't mean that you have to limit your selection of program choices, nor does it mean that you have to rush to schedule your test time. Instead, you might choose one of the above options to help you get into an MBA program.


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