Saturday 6 December 2014

How Can I Improve My English?

If you're like me you've probably been asked this question by your students. Now the obvious answer would be to study. There's no magic pill they can take, nor can they learn English through osmosis, or by sleeping on their English book, although I'm sure they'd like to.

Learning a language and achieving fluency is hard work. Of course students don't want to hear that. They want you to come up with fun, exciting, and innovative ways to learn English. Here's a list I put together for my students. I keep a couple copies with me and hand them out to students who ask me how they can improve their English. They probably already do a couple things on the list, but tell them to try a couple new ones too. Now there are more ways than ever to learn a foreign language. Some people swear by online options such as Assimil, Fluenz, How to Learn Any Language, Memrise, Michel Thomas, Pimsleur, and Rosetta Stone.

20 Ways to Improve Your English
  1. Do extra practice activities or homework outside of class.
  2. Only speak English during class.
  3. Try to think in English.
  4. Read English books, magazines, journals, and websites.
  5. Listen to English music, radio, and podcasts.
  6. Watch English movies with English subtitles.
  7. Watch CNN or BBC in English.
  8. Meet with a native English speaker and speak English.
  9. Meet with a non-native English speaker and speak Englihs.
  10. Get a keypal and email them in English.
  11. Chat online in English.
  12. Keep a diary in English.
  13. Use new English words outside of class.
  14. Give long answers in class.
  15. Read aloud.
  16. Join Toastmasters and give presentations in English.
  17. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  18. Read graded readers.
  19. Learn 10 new English words a day.
  20. Review the lesson before class.
There's also a lot of information online. Here are a couple sites I found.


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