Tuesday 24 December 2013

Do You Recommend People for Jobs?

I've given tips on why you should network, attending conferences to network, as well as networking your way to a good job, however, I look at networking as a way to make contacts and find out about employers. I personally don't feel comfortable asking people to personally recommend me for a job. It doesn't matter if it's a friend or just an acquaintance. It can all to easily come back and bite you.

Let's say they recommend you for a job, but the admin doesn't like you, it comes back on the person who recommended you. Or the admin doesn't like that person and they recommend you, meaning that you'd be less likely to get the job.

For the same reasons that I don't ask people to recommend me, I don't feel comfortable recommending anyone else. I will tell people about job openings or let them know about different employers, but I will not give a personal recommendation.

I do believe that networking is super important. While I won't ask to be recommended or recommend other people, through networking I can find out who is hiring and where they advertise. I will also happily tell people if my employer is hiring and answer any questions they have about the job. 


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