Saturday 7 December 2013

Poll Results November 2013: What should be required to teach English abroad?

November's poll was "What should be required to teach English abroad?" Here are the results.
  • TEFL cert: 53.85% with 7 votes
  • BA: 15.38% with 2 votes
  • Neither: 7.69% with 1 vote
  • Both: 15.38% with 2 votes
  • Other: 7.69% with 1 vote (Diploma)
It's nice to see that people realise that teachers need qualifications. If you're looking for a good TEFL cert, check out CCELT, which is a 100-hour online TEFL certificate as well as the University of Toronto's 100, 120, and 150 hour online TEFL certs.

Be sure to vote in this month's poll: "Is your quality of life better at home or abroad?"


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