Thursday 14 March 2013

Are Caps On Times You Can Renew Your Teaching Contract Good?

In the TEFL World
In Korea it's very common for universities to have caps on the number of years you can stay at that university. This is due to pension, since after five years, the uni has to upp the amount they contribute to your fund. Five years is often the max a uni will let you stay, but some unis have limited it to four, three, or even two years.

In the International School World
Some international schools will only let you stay on an international hire contract for a couple years and then will switch you over to a local hire contract in order to save money.

Good or Bad?
Caps can be good and bad for teachers as well as employers. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Teachers students won't be learning the same material over and over again. Teachers often use the same material and if there is a cap, then the teacher has to leave and a new one will come in with new material.
  • It's cheaper for schools to get new teachers.
  • Changing jobs can keep teachers motivated.
  • When new teachers come to a new school they often bring new ideas with them.

  • Employers have to put in lots of time to look for new teachers.
  • It creates animosity since teachers have no job stability.
  • As teachers get older it gets harder for mature teachers to get jobs.
  • Teachers feel like their employers don't want to invest in them.


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