Sunday 10 March 2013

6 Items that Make a Job Ideal

I checked out Cool Careers for Dummies from my local library when I was home this summer. I found out that while people talk about making tons of money, it’s not at the top of the list when it comes to what people are looking for in an ideal job. The book stated 6 items that people list when they think about their ideal job.I definitely recommend this book. It makes for an interesting read. You can buy it from Amazon or Book Depository.
  1. Great boss and great co-workers. It helps to work with good people. Having a boss that’s not breathing down your neck all the time is also worth its weight in gold. 
  2. Moderate workload. No one wants to burn the midnight oil, take work home with them, or work on the weekends. 
  3. Interesting work. Doing something that’s not mind-numbingly boring has a lot going for it. 
  4. Moderate stress level. Tons of responsibilities and stress lead to a horrible work environment. 
  5. Able to win at office politics. We all know that we can’t get rid of office politics, so the next best thing is being able to win at them. 
  6. Fair compensation. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but everyone wants to be paid what they’re worth.
It also discusses 6 things that a boss should do to ensure they hire the best people.
  1. Do simulations at interviews.
  2. Ask for 10 references. Call all of them at night after they've gone home, this way the onus is on them to call you and it's an easy out for them if the person wasn't a good employee. Ask them only to call you back if that person is outstanding. Only hire that person if at least 7 people call back.
  3. Inspire, don't micromanage.
  4. Communicate well.
  5. Be good at chairing meetings.
  6. Be ethical.


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