Sunday 12 August 2012

Hot Topic: Putting Your Photo on Your CV

In some places, like the US, you'd never put your photo on your CV. However, in other places, like China, if you didn't put your photo on your CV you wouldn't be considered for a job or employers might ask you to send your photo if you didn't. It's no secret that discrimination exists in the hiring process. Ageism (too old or too young), sexism, lookism, sexual orientation, and racism are all part of the process.

In the US they try to stop this by limiting what an employer can ask you, but it doesn't matter, since your name is on your name is on your CV. If it sounds too foreign, too black, too Jewish, etc, Mary Smith or John Smith will probably get hired over you if you're both equally qualified. In TEFL, lookism is rampant. Blond haired, blue eyed teachers often have an easier time getting a job because they look more "foreign".

Some people like me have given in and put their photo at the top of their CV. I've even got other personal info such as my DOB, marital status, and visa status. Other people fight tooth and nail and refuse to put their photo on their CV.

What do you think?
Do you put your photo on your CV? Have you ever been turned down for a job due to your looks?

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