Sunday 5 August 2012

Hot Topic: Teaching Illegally

There are many reasons why teachers choose to teach elsewhere besides their primary place of employment. Money's probably the main reason, extra time, looking for more teaching experience, or looking to change jobs might be other reasons. No matter what the reason, many teachers decide to teach a couple hours somewhere else each week.

While sometimes they can get permission from their employer, more often than not they end up doing it illegally. Maybe immigration only allows teachers to have one job and doesn't even allow teachers to teach privately. Or maybe the employer won't let the teacher teach anywhere else. They might be afraid that the teacher will steal students, or not have enough time to do their work.

So what do teachers do? They end up teaching illegally. Obviously this is not an ideal situation, but some teachers feel that they have no choice. They need more money or immigration allows them to have a second job, but their employer doesn't. It's a dangerous situation because if it goes against immigration laws and someone turns them in, they could lose their visa and get deported. Or if their employer finds out, they could get fired. Yet people still continue to teach illegally.

What do you think?
Have you held another teaching job on the side? Were you able to do so legally?

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