Sunday 19 August 2012

Hot Topic: Sending Your Passport to Apply for a Job

With identity theft becoming more common, it's no wonder that people are wary about sending their passport when they apply for a job. The problem is that most employers aren't going to steal your identity.

The sole purpose of them asking for your passport is to make sure that you have a passport from an English speaking country. By doing this you can prove two things. First that you won't have issues getting a work visa as an English teacher since your passport is from an English speaking country. Second, that you have a valid passport and are ready to travel.

Some teachers blacken out important information on their passport and just leave their name. Others have criticised them for this saying that it looks like they're trying to hide something. Whether you leave everything on your passport or blacken things out, be aware that many employers will ask for your passport when you apply for a job.

What do you think?
Do you send your passport when you apply for jobs? Do you blacken any information out?

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