Thursday 5 July 2012

Job Site: ESL Employment

With information for employers, job seekers, ESL resources, education corner, and ESL forum, there's lots of information for TEFL and TESL teachers. You can search the web or ESL Employment by keyword, region, state, or country. They also have a free weekly job listing email that they can send you if you sign up.

I'd avoid the "Get Hired!" red tab in the middle as it'll just take you to a site that asks you to buy an ebook to find a TEFL job. Although it's written by the owner of ESL Employment, it's not worth buying. To begin with it hasn't been updated since 2006. He also claims that the majority of ESL and EFL jobs aren't advertised: which is blantly not true as can be seen by his website and hundreds others.

In addition, there's usually no need to pay to find a job (though some websites, such as those that hire international school teachers or host international school job fairs are the exception to this rule). If anything, schools pay recruiters or pay to put up adverts, avoid paying in order to get a job. Chances are the info they give you won't be anything you don't know already. If you're looking for lists of websites that you should look at when looking for a TEFL job, check out  TEFL Tips' list of TEFL job sites.

Got an idea for a job site?
Email me with your job site, name, and website (if you have one) and I'll post it ASAP.


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