Sunday 15 July 2012

Hot Topic: Learning the Local Language

You'll find that most people are gung-ho about learning the language when they first arrive, however, their work and personal life soon takes over and they don't make much progress.

While some people learn the language, there are others who have spent years in that country and don't speak much at all. Perhaps they were only planning on staying a year or two, or maybe they're just too busy.

Some languages are harder to learn than others. If you're interested in learning the local language, then try reading learning the local lingo and learning the local lingo while teaching ESL.

What do you think?
Have you learnt the language of the country where you're working? Why or why not?  Any tips you have for language learners?

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  1. The people who learn are the ones who start learning on the first day, or at least in the first week. I've met teachers (and others) who have spent decades living in a foreign country, but still can't count beyond ten. I think it's quite common.

    Lots of people make too much of a big deal about learning a language, including some teachers. I agree with 'Benny the Irish Polyglot' Just start speaking from the first day.

    That goes for teachers teaching languages too. I've had language teachers who believe that explaining the grammar system in English (I've studied several languages) would help students learn. I've even been told by other language teachers that you can't expect students to learn to speak in less than two years.

    This is such a waste of time.

    And you Sharon? Are you a polyglot?

  2. Kind of. Speak Spanish as a second language. Trying to learn Korean. It's hard with a baby though.


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